Today marks a milestone for me. Today is the twelfth week that I have gone without anything to smoke. I know I posted earlier about smoking cessation, and I have not had a cigarette in those twelve weeks. Three whole months it is today that I have smoked nothing at all. I know I told y’all that I had quit once before and went over twenty years without a cigarette and that is true. What I didn’t say was that I was not smoke free during that time. I smoked marijuana and cigars to cover the smell, and a lot of both. I would smoke cigars and chew on them as I worked. I worked outside or was driving to the location most of my adult life so I seldom if ever experienced a place I could not smoke. Now I would respect other peoples homes and never smoke in a customers home. So you see me being smoke free for these 12 weeks is really a milestone for me. I was sneaking my first cigarettes before I hit my teen years and never quit smoking something except for about 8 weeks during boot camp in the Army, and even then I got in trouble for sneaking and smoking so it wasn’t even a complete eight weeks there either. I do still have some trouble not smoking something. It just seems so natural to me to reach for a smoke. The keyboard I use is a natural one so it is too big to fit the little slide out drawer beneath my desk that a normal keyboard would reside in. I had a half pack of cigarettes in there up until yesterday. I was sitting here waiting on my ftp program to work and slid the drawer out and was pulling one out of the pack when I decided to just throw them away. Even after twelve weeks of no smoking the moment my hands were free and I saw them I was ready to light one up. I know several of you have been reading when I wrote of quitting smoking, and struggling with your own demons tugging away at you trying to make you smoke again. Don’t give in. You will not only feel and breath better, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you held out against the most insidious and addicting drug in the world. Best of luck with your quitting yourself and if you need someone to talk to drop me a line as I understand how difficult it really is to quit.

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