Those of you fellow bloggers who use WordPress for their blogs may already know that on Saturday they released the newest version, WordPress 2.5. There has been a lot of comments and complaints on the message and help boards at wordpress. It seems there are a lot of people having troubles with their upgrades. I myself did not have much trouble at all. The very first thing I did was make backups of all the files on my blog. I then went into my blog and deactivated all?plugins. There is a button that will deactivate all plugins towards the bottom of your plugins page. After that it all went rather smoothly, except for me not following directions to the letter. But thats me as I usually go by the adage, “When all else fails read the directions”. Well I then decided perhaps reading the instructions might be a good idea when I got an error and it only showed one line of error code for my entire blog. When I had tried to simply overwrite files it caused an error. Good thing I had backed up first. I always back up anything before making changes to it. This way you have a fail safe fall back and can restore at least to what you had before. What I had done was go into my root directory (the main folder your blog resides in) and overwrote the wp-includes and wp-admin directories (folders) DO NOT OVERWRITE YOUR WP-CONTENT FOLDER ever when updating. You only have one file in there that needs updating and that is the index.php file. If you do you will lose all the changes you have made to your blog and the themes you have added. Well anyhow I had overwritten the files in the root directory (make sure you do not delete your wp-config.php file) Then I had overwritten the index.php file inside of wp-content. That worked ok but what would not work was overwriting the wp-includes and wp-admin directories (folders). So as soon as I saw I had an error I started deleting those files getting ready to ftp my old files back onto my site. I then decided to attempt it one more time after having read the instructions finally and everything worked. So basicly here it is I overwrote all the files in my root directory, overwrote the index.php file in my wp-content directory, then deleted the two folders/directories wp-admin and wp-includes. Once you do that ftp the new folders intact onto your site and if succesful you will get a message saying that you need to update your database files. Don’t be alarmed all you need to do is check through the ok buttons and you will be ok and ready to go. You will find some changes to the dashboard that I am not crazy about but I can live with them. I am hoping that someone will fix the widgets.php file soon so you can have more text widgets on your site. Before I upgraded I had 20 available but feel I will have them again soon. Either ?I will finally wade through the code and find the correct entries to change or hopefully someone more knowledgable than I will fix it and share with us all. Other than that I see nothing wrong with it. Hopefully we will start to enjoy the fruits of their labor and enjoy this version better than the old ones.

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