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For the first thing let me apologize for not posting earlier but again I have been under attack by my immune system.  Arthritis, rosacea and and my fibromyalgia  have ganged up on me and attacked me all at once. It can be a tough “row to hoe” and I would not wish these medical problems on my worst enemy much less on any one else. That alone is enough to pretty much take me out yet. Adding to my feeling so bad was the fact that I had to take care of our eBay business. Helping to thrive and drive was my sister-in-law Sharon. Now she has left me and I am doing her part as well as mine and it is  much more difficult. Time consuming as well. I know my wife and daughter promised to take up her part but so far I have not seen any help other than the few minutes my brother helped me while shipping. It is a big push from eBay as the coming Christmas gift buying is in full swing. Plus anything that sells and ships for free with expedited shipping will be eligible for a 20% discount. That means a huge deal for us sellers that are “Top Rated Sellers” will get an additional 20% discount totaling  for an over all 40% discount. Being as most of my shipping is free to the customer. First Class qualifies as expedited shipping. So for most of my listings will see the final value fee reduction. That will be a boon to us as we ship in one day and we ship for free.