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Here it is February all ready. I can come up with several reasons for not posting sooner and being in the hospital was one of them. No need to say there was no partying for the new year while you are on your back in the hospital. Though I could have borrowed my wife’s laptop while mine was in the shop. There is a plethora of items that should have been exposed to y’all. They are going whole hog after the wolves in the west again. I know twenty eight does not sound like many but when you count them against the total number the percentage¬† of living wolves decreases.

On another front our internet is facing an attack from our congress and supposedly our president will sign the bill into law. This one would forbid search engines from displaying any sites that are accused of copyright laws. This especially attacks foreign web sites. Right now the pirates are not a significant percentage of over all users and a lot of these pirates would not mind paying for digital content if it was packaged with a reasonable price and the ability to use the content you just bought and paid for but you could not watch or listen to the dvd or cd you legally bought. You buy it, then if you want to watch it on your laptop you are in violation of their law. To me there is something inheritability wrong with this scenario. There is a huge number of people that use Apple’s iTunes service and it would make a great model to other digital content providers. Plus we can not forget that this will affect some of our favorite sites, like facebook, twitter and lest we forget google who is going to be under a law suit brought out by ViaCom to the tune of a few billion dollars.

More to come soon.