Sometimes I think this whole world has gone crazy. I’m not going to mention his name but a conservationist and Hunter won an auction to kill a black rhino. Before you go nuts over killing a rhino you have to realize is this is an effort to bolster the remaining herds. They’re not wanting to kill a female or a young male. They want to kill an old non breeding male rhino. The effort is too remove the threat of a non breeding older male. They say that this will prevent these old males from killing younger breeding age males. This makes perfect sense to me. I can remember as a boy the depleted herds of whitetail deer and almost  nonexistent flocks of Wild Turkeys. When I was a teenager they started stocking and building up the turkeys this was paid for by the hunters. Now we have huge turkey flocks throughout the state . All this was paid for by hunters . We know that for good healthy herds, focks or whatever the animal is, you need to have good conservation and at times we need to weed out non reproductive members. These people clamoring for this hunters head need to learn true conservation. And realize that sometimes we need to remove an animal from the herd what is best of all of them.

I am not familiar with snap chat as I seldom chat any longer. However a site called has released 4.6 million count with usernames and phone numbers available for download. According to the website they got the information to a recently identified snap chat exploit. They say that they released this information in an effort to convince snapchat to beef up their security. If you are one very users I suggest that you be very careful of any information that is passed through that application. SnapChat said they have limited resources available but security and privacy should be job one. With this application and any other watch what you have available as it may bite you in the end.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor blocks provision of Obamacare that would force all employers to provide birth control to their employees. This is a narrow decision that only applies to religious groups. I believe that this is the correct decision as the government has no business telling religious groups what to believe. This would have  forced a religious group to provide birth control to their employees. This would have gone totally against their beliefs. Catholic do not believe in birth control and the government should not force him to do anything against their faith. This is not only healthcare but religious faith in the government should be out of this

Got to get off my lazy backside and working on my blog again. Long with the usual resolutions like trying to lose weight and be more active in my eBay business I also intend to start posting regularly again. I’m able to use my phone now as I have installed WordPerfect on it and now post my comments and thoughts even while I’m away. Right now I haven’t even been paying attention to news or other events . So along with my resolution to start posting again I will also need to stay  informed of world events. Look for more post every day or two at the worst. Happy new year to all and to all a good bye.

Well it’s been a whole week now and the world has not ended. Nor the USA went belly up. This is precisely opposite of what I have heard would happen if Obama was reelected. Once again, we do not vote for the best candidate but instead for the lesser of two evils. I wish we had a political party that cared about the bottom half of society. With ideals of compassion for all citizens, who still had down-to-earth morals. The ones who would believe in individuality and the right to bear arms and still had Godly morals. My daughter tells me that anyone who votes Republican and is not a rich white man is stupid. If you really take a look at it she is probably right. When Obama was first elected I was excited for the new changes that would come in. Now I see it’s just business as usual when I is an army called this situation SNAFU. It stands for, situation normal all, f*****d up. I will leave it to your imagination for what the “F” stands for. It is a shame that our country does so little for its unfortunate lower-class. Other countries, even those we consider third world gives healthcare to its citizens and other basic needs. I am extremely proud that I am an American but at times. I feel totally ashamed of how our country treats its citizens, unless you are rich.

Well here we are. Today is the big day for the candidates and the nation. Today we decide who will run the country for the next four years. They say it’s a tossup and all the polls are showing a tie up. I haven’t gotten dressed yet to go out and vote, but expect that South Carolina will vote Republican. I’ve heard a lot of people claiming that Romney should win and they hate the idea of four more years under Barack Obama’s leadership. I disagree and get really ticked off with their rhetoric and they are not a registered voter. I feel that if you don’t vote you should keep your mouth shut when it comes to politics. I urge every American to get out and vote no matter who you vote for. This is all for now, and I will post more when I know more about the election.

Well, we are down to the final weeks until election Day November 6. I am still awaiting to hear Romney’s healthcare plan. From what I’ve read Romney’s medical plan would leave about 72 million Americans uninsured. So far, we read that the Romney plan would cost families, nearly double what Obama care would cost them. I am very concerned about health care. I am lucky that I am a veteran and through them I received free healthcare. However, my wife and children have no insurance, because we cannot afford it. I still feel that no one in this country should have to do with out basic health care, because they cannot afford it. Approximately 62% of all the bankruptcy filed each year are due to medical costs and approximately 72% of them did have healthcare. As far as I’m concerned, this is     not acceptable.

Now, I do agree that the budget needs work on it and we cannot go on spending money like it’s water. Look at the mess we are in now and compare it to what it was like. When Obama was sworn in to office. Bush dug us into deep water and it’s going to take a while to get out of this hole we are in. I hear all these people say that we cannot survive four more years of Pres. Obama in office. Personally I doubt that statement even more so after looking at eight years we had with President Bush in office. In those eight years, we went from a budget surplus to the huge deficit we are in now. We need to quit pandering to insurance companies and other special interests and take care of the citizens in the United States. As far as I’m concerned, taking care of the citizens is the number one job we need by the president and our lawmakers.

I have been very lax about posting and posting something interesting lately. I’ve have had some very nasty days with my fibromyalgia. I have been reading up on the so-called Obama care. While I do see parts of a Obama Care that should be repaired. Overall it is better in the long run than anything I’ve heard out of the Republican camp. I do disagree with charging minimums that require you to purchase health care insurance. I would set a final price $100,000, and anyone making more than that would need to get their own insurance policy they could self pay or employer pay. However, if you make less a $100,000, (150,000 or more for married filing jointly) you would be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid requirements should be paid by the  federal government. Romney has already stated that he would drop Medicaid altogether. Back in the 60′sRepublicans fought tooth and nail attempting to block Medicaid and Medicare. If not for Pres. Johnson, we would not have Medicaid or Medicare. Well that and equal rights. Republicans, including our longtime senator Strom Thurmond were against equal rights. If I remember correctly, Thurmond, holds the record for longest filibuster of all time in the USA and that he was for speaking out against the Civil Rights Bill. That is the truth behind the Republicans legacy.

If we can retain”Obama Care”starting January 1, 2014, medicaid expansion will now have a new limit. Anyone making 113% of poverty the level will be eligible for Medicaid. This is a step in the right direction. That part is good. The bad part is that it will impose a filing minimum of $95 or a 1% of the filing income minimum, depending upon which one of the two is the highest This is where I think there are problems. By 2016, they are starting to create tax credits or charges or not having insurance. More on that later.

This past week has been rather hectic. We are getting prepared for our son to come home. He has been in New Jersey for several years now. We’ve only been able see him for short periods when he was able to come visit. He is the one who built my current theme. I don’t know if I’m going to get him to do more with that. I am though going see if he can help set up my selling domain as it is the same name that I use for our eBay store. Our eBay business has slowed down. So now we are beginning to add different categories and have been listing a bunch of nice used clothing. I haven’t had time to pay too much attention to what’s going on around us now but have noticed that Obama is supposed to be ahead of Romney. I have been wondering lately with the rising prices of gasoline. If Republican backers, have a hand in artificially raising gasoline prices. I am curious to find out if they think that high gas prices mean that it will be harder Obama to get elected it wouldn’t surprise me it is so. If that was the truth of the matter. I do not know of anything that’s behind the increase in fuel prices. Everything we buy is much higher than they were a ago. I know that rising fuel prices, relate directly to commerce. Anything we buy was brought there by a truck. I am not very excited at the prospects of a Republican victory this fall. One the first things they promised to do is gut Obama care as they call it. While I am not pleased with the healthcare plan they worked out. I think it is a step in the right direction. If the big insurance companies didn’t have our Representatives and Senate members in their pocket. Then maybe we would not have so much opposition to comprehensive health plan like Medicare or Medicaid. If you read history, you will see that Republicans fought tooth and nail against Medicare and Medicaid. It took a strong president to keep forcing this legislation back in the 60s. It was terrible Pres. Kennedy was killed, but Pres. Johnson really fought for civil rights and medical care. For those who least can afford medical care, the easy way to help them. Would be to simply expand Medicaid and Medicare. If you’re not happy with healthcare provided by these two health plans. Buy a healthcare plan from any insurance company of your choice. Simple as that.

Once again I have procrastinated about this blog. I have been rather busy with a new product line in our eBay store. As sales of Game Boys have dropped we are expanding into clothing. Mostly womens  clothing and trying to list more plus size clothing. My wife is very good at locating good used clothing. She knows how hard it is for plus size women to find nice-looking clothing. That and I am good at picking out pretty clothing especially dresses for women. This is more a labor intensive as you cannot list more than one lot at a time. It’s not actually labor as no physical labor is involved. It’s just that you can’t create variations like other clothing can be listed. I got lucky recently and was given an older version of Dragon Speak. It’s not the latest and greatest but hopefully will enable me to get more done.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up better, much better than I have been lately. I’ve been reading where military contractors have basically been using almost slave labor and Iraq and Afghanistan. I am going to look into these activities by companies like Halliburton and KBR and report that back to you.