Sometimes I think this whole world has gone crazy. I’m not going to mention his name but a conservationist and Hunter won an auction to kill a black rhino. Before you go nuts over killing a rhino you have to realize is this is an effort to bolster the remaining herds. They’re not wanting to kill a female or a young male. They want to kill an old non breeding male rhino. The effort is too remove the threat of a non breeding older male. They say that this will prevent these old males from killing younger breeding age males. This makes perfect sense to me. I can remember as a boy the depleted herds of whitetail deer and almost  nonexistent flocks of Wild Turkeys. When I was a teenager they started stocking and building up the turkeys this was paid for by the hunters. Now we have huge turkey flocks throughout the state . All this was paid for by hunters . We know that for good healthy herds, focks or whatever the animal is, you need to have good conservation and at times we need to weed out non reproductive members. These people clamoring for this hunters head need to learn true conservation. And realize that sometimes we need to remove an animal from the herd what is best of all of them.

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