Once again I have procrastinated about this blog. I have been rather busy with a new product line in our eBay store. As sales of Game Boys have dropped we are expanding into clothing. Mostly womens  clothing and trying to list more plus size clothing. My wife is very good at locating good used clothing. She knows how hard it is for plus size women to find nice-looking clothing. That and I am good at picking out pretty clothing especially dresses for women. This is more a labor intensive as you cannot list more than one lot at a time. It’s not actually labor as no physical labor is involved. It’s just that you can’t create variations like other clothing can be listed. I got lucky recently and was given an older version of Dragon Speak. It’s not the latest and greatest but hopefully will enable me to get more done.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up better, much better than I have been lately. I’ve been reading where military contractors have basically been using almost slave labor and Iraq and Afghanistan. I am going to look into these activities by companies like Halliburton and KBR and report that back to you.

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