This is where I am supposed to give you a little information about myself and this blog. I am a self taught web master who manages several web sites including this one. I have multiple physical problems that prevent me from working a job no matter how much I want one. The mind is willing but the body grows weak. I have been married to the same woman for 28 years. I know this puts me into a minority as it seems marriage is no longer forever but simply until something better comes along. I love to take photographs and write poetry when it is in me to do so. I can’t write on command but when something touches me. You can read some of my poetry and see a few pics on another of my sites.

I also feel very strongly on personal freedoms and liberty as well as helping your fellow man ( or woman). But it seems our world is run by greed. One of the seven deadly sins. Greed is behind those who rape our mother earth for profit at everyones expense. An expense that will be paid by future generations.

Take Care that you do not fall into this trap and speak out against those who do.

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