First and foremost I want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas. Most of the presents have been opened and they were nice but the best thing about Christmas is getting together with family and loved ones. Notice I said friends and family. That is because you can pick your friends but not your family. Momma always pointed that fact out to us when someone in the family had caused a hurt to another. But we always patched things back up because we were family. I am hoping that if any of you have had problems with family members that you will patch up your relations as I feel family is very important. Blood is thicker than water or so they say. Not that I do not feel friends are not important. I have some very dear friends. Not too many years ago it was almost unheard of to have friends that you never had met. But in this age of email and instant messaging a lot of us do have very close friends that we never have actually met in flesh and blood but have seen their nature via on line communications.
I am hoping that if you have any friends or family members that you have quit having anything to do with for any reason real or imagined that you feel the true spirit of Christmas love and you will patch things back up. After all Jesus taught us true unconditional love and he is the reason for the season.??


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