Here in the upstate of South Carolina it has turned off frosty this morning. The kind of morning that makes you snuggle down deep in your covers and gather around the heater once you are up. My wife and daughter went out to hit the stores one last time before Christmas is upon us. I went out with my daughter yesterday and had enough walking to last me a few days. Me, I stayed at home with our dogs. I’ve been told before that “all men are dogs” so I fit right in. But dogs and children like me so I can’t be too bad of a person. Though it still requires work on my part to be good. It is much easier to be good now that I finally, after years of denying it, went to seek help for my bipolar. Now that I can see what life is like without the racing thoughts and radical mood swings I wish I had sought help years earlier. My life and my families would have been much better as I was a holy terror at times. Or as my son told me it was like I was two separate persons, which basically I was. Now that they have my mind operating better if my body would cooperate I would be happy as a pig in mud.
Here I am off subject again but what else is new. I can go off on a tangent at any time and ramble on forever it seems. But life is so much better on the proper meds it is wondrous to me.
Anyhow it has turned off chilly to you northerners who are used to having cold weather and down right cold to us southerners who enjoy mild winters for the most part. I will agree that fresh layed snow is a lovely sight and if we got some it would be a delight to the child in all of us. But we seldom get snow. Most times we end up with ice storms that knock power out for a few days. The cold weather does make it feel more like Christmas when you have to bundle up to go outdoors. Saturday night we went out to look at Christmas lights, something that we do every year and have done since our first child was born. Now our baby is nearly grown and I wonder how many times she will go with us any more.
I may not get time to post tomorrow as I expect to be pretty busy for most of the day but may have time late if I am not too worn out. I run out of spoons if any of you know the story. So if I do not make it back here tomorrow to Wish Y’all A Very Merry Christmas I am doing it now.

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