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Well it’s been a whole week now and the world has not ended. Nor the USA went belly up. This is precisely opposite of what I have heard would happen if Obama was reelected. Once again, we do not vote for the best candidate but instead for the lesser of two evils. I wish we had a political party that cared about the bottom half of society. With ideals of compassion for all citizens, who still had down-to-earth morals. The ones who would believe in individuality and the right to bear arms and still had Godly morals. My daughter tells me that anyone who votes Republican and is not a rich white man is stupid. If you really take a look at it she is probably right. When Obama was first elected I was excited for the new changes that would come in. Now I see it’s just business as usual when I is an army called this situation SNAFU. It stands for, situation normal all, f*****d up. I will leave it to your imagination for what the “F” stands for. It is a shame that our country does so little for its unfortunate lower-class. Other countries, even those we consider third world gives healthcare to its citizens and other basic needs. I am extremely proud that I am an American but at times. I feel totally ashamed of how our country treats its citizens, unless you are rich.

Well here we are. Today is the big day for the candidates and the nation. Today we decide who will run the country for the next four years. They say it’s a tossup and all the polls are showing a tie up. I haven’t gotten dressed yet to go out and vote, but expect that South Carolina will vote Republican. I’ve heard a lot of people claiming that Romney should win and they hate the idea of four more years under Barack Obama’s leadership. I disagree and get really ticked off with their rhetoric and they are not a registered voter. I feel that if you don’t vote you should keep your mouth shut when it comes to politics. I urge every American to get out and vote no matter who you vote for. This is all for now, and I will post more when I know more about the election.