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I have been real busy trying to build a Ebay business. Believe it or not I am succeding, on paper anyhow. In 3 months time I have managed to make power seller. With all those sales and the amount it shows we sold I should be reaping rewards but instead I think all I am doing so far is making more money for Ebay and Paypal. What I have done is sink almost everyting I made right back into more stock. I have a buyers account in my sister in laws name who is my partner in the Ebay store. She is able to keep track of all the stock and knows exactly where it is when we sell something. I could not do it without her help. I can easily do the listings and the html involved to make a good looking listing, but when it comes time to do all the shipping is when I run aground and need help. I have been spending a lot of time on it and have let my blog suffer as I enjoy limited success on Ebay. It seems everytime I started to type a post I ran out of things to say or just could not let them flow from me. Anyhow I will not let it be as long between posts like this anymore.