Even though I was up early I am still dragging around today. Still trying to recuperate from yesterday it seems. It was a rough day physically on me as I was really hit hard by my fibro and barely even got out of bed all day. After two weeks my insurance finally authorized my lyrica for me.They don’t have to suffer when they refuse to pay, and I didn’t have a few extra hundred dollar bills lying around unused to buy it with. The only thing I actually accomplished was getting my daughter from work at 11:00. I never got around to posting or even reading my news and emails. I did look at my blog and Connies
trying to determine why we are stuck in the html mode when we write in our wordpress blogs. Hopefully today will be a better day for me and possibly a fruitful one as well cause I miss using the visual mode. I myself write and edit all my posts in Nvu and then paste the finished post into the write new post page and all the links or other formatting I have done pastes right along with it and there is no need to use the wonky html functions of wordpress.

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