Thousands of people lost their homes after hurricane Ike washed ashore and thousands more had flood damage that precludes them living in their homes until they are repaired. FEMA is supposed to have thousands upon thousands of trailers just for emergencies like this but so far since the storm hit on September, 13 They have only installed somewhere around one thousand homes. Even counting the approximately 400 or so homes that are delivered but are in various stages of being set up that is still less than 1500 homes. My question is why is it taking so long to get help to these people. What is wrong with our government in general and FEMA in particular? This is a crying shame. I know from my own experience setting mobile homes up that when I was younger and still in good health I could have set 1 or 2 of the small units a day by myself and with a crew of 2 men to help me we could have set 3 or 4 a day as long as they had them parked in the right spots. I never did any work for FEMA but I know some that did and they told me that it paid good and that rules were relaxed for hauling the trailers, even letting some of them be hauled at night. So my question now is, are there not enough contractors working for FEMA? Is there some trouble finding drivers willing to haul these trailers for one reason or another? Whatever it is they need to get their act together and help these people. That is their entire function, implement plans to handle disasters and then to follow through with them and get the help out there as fast as humanly possible and that they are not doing. A word or two from their boss President Bush could speed them up if he were so inclined to help people of his home state. It appalls me that after the disaster after Katrina we still have not gotten up to speed helping victims yet.

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