The Supreme Court has been busy with their decisions. They struck down the death penalty for child rapes in Louisiana and cut the 2.5 billion dollar Exon Valdez punitive damages down to 500 million. People who live around and make their living from Prince William Sound have born the brunt of the problems that were left behind when the Valdez ran aground dumping 260,000 barrels of crude oil into the sea. At least 400,000 sea birds were killed along with countless other marine life forms by the oil. I don’t know how they will split the money up amongst Prince William Sound citizens and fishermen but bet it won’t repair broken lives and lost money in the years past. But I expected that the court would side with big oil instead of the people. I also figured they would strike down the death penalty for child rape but I feel if they actually raped a child they do not deserve to breath the same air we do and need to be killed and as soon as possible.

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