With the high price of gas and diesel people are emphasizing efficiently with their vehicles and cutting the amount of miles they drive. Both candidates are also coming out with their own energy plans. McCain is declaring for off shore drilling to begin and Obama against it. I doubt we can drill our way to self sufficiency but it might help a little bit to allow drilling. I do not think it is advisable for our state – South Carolina – to take the chance. Our largest industry is tourism with the beaches being the primary draw. A spill off the coast would devastate the beaches and maybe even offshore sport fishing which creates a lot of jobs also. Perhaps lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling may be a good idea for some states but they need to weigh the benefits against possible repercussions that may arise. I think that deep water drilling can be done safely but it must be done carefully. It won’t affect prices right away and might take years to bring any on line if we even did any drilling. I still have very serious ?worries about offshore drilling but perhaps it is something we need to discuss further. I still disagree with opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling at this time. So I agree on one point with McCain and one point with Obama. Actually a lot more with Obama than McCain but I do agree with at least one point on McCains energy plan.

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