One of our greatest spring vacations is going to Atlanta Georgia. It is not very far for us and there is so much to do. A great place to start and our families favorite was Stone Mountain Park. whether your favorite is the scenic train ride that carries you around the mountain, enabling you to get a very good view of the worlds largest high-relief sculpture in the world. Riding in the sky ride all the way to the summit of the mountain. There are live shows that take place in the town of Crossroads which is made up to look like an eighteen seventies village. There is so much to do you can spend the day there and not see it all or get bored with any of the attractions. And if daddy doesn’t care for the park there are some real nice golf courses nearby, but you would miss out on watching your youngsters enjoying the park as ours did when they were small. The world class light show is something to behold with its spectacle of lasers cutting into the night air. You will be astounded and glad you stayed for the show. There is a very good web site called Trusted Tours. You can even get discount tickets to sightseeing tours through them. Of course that is not the only place they can get you discounts from in Atlanta or other great locations to visit. Decide on what to do on your next vacation like this Things to do in Boston. or twenty three other gtreat cities with their attractions

And of course this is the month of April and guess what that means? The big boys of the IHRA come to the Atlanta drag way for thrilling side by side action. When the nitrous mixed cars fire up they actually make the grandstands rumble with the vibrations. My son and I loved visiting every spring for the Spring Nationals. I would love for him to be home again to go. I know we can never go back to the way it was when he was young but it would be a nice thing to do once more.

And don’t worry about getting lost either. Trusted Tours is giving you a chance to win a hand held GPS simply by signing up for their newsletter. Check them out they offer discounts to great attractions at a multitude of great cities. If you are planning on a vacation this spring or any other time they would be a great place to start planning from.

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