Ninety six years ago today the Titanic slipped beneath the waves of the north Atlantic carrying one thousand five hundred and seventeen souls to their demise. It still ranks today as one of the worst peacetime maritime disasters of all time and is by far the most famous. During her maiden voyage on the fourteenth of April she struck an iceberg and sank on the fifteenth, a little over two and one half hours later. At the time the Titanic with its advanced design was thought to be unsinkable. It came as a great shock to those who believed that the advanced technology and experienced crew could save her from any disaster. It has since been proven that there was a design flaw along with steel and rivets that were inadequate even by the time led to the sinking. The Titanic was discovered after over seventy years beneath the waves by a team led by Robert Ballard. That coupled with the legends and the movie have kept it famous in the years since.

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