I have a couple of dear friends who have talked me into signing up for a bloggers service called Pay Per Post. How was I to know that you can actually get paid to blog. What an exciting concept. I am thrilled that they have accepted me into Pay Per Post. I think the idea is great as long as it does not denigrate the integrity of my blog. The idea of making money with my blog sounds really great as long as you, my readers know that occasionally it is a paid post and also know that I will never rant and rave about a product or service unless I feel they are worthwhile.

I have became rather excited and passionate about my blog and am thrilled that I am getting even more readers. I also have started to make new friends in the blogging world and have several blogs that I must read every day. I try to always tell the truth the way I see it. I am excited also about the opportunity to write and be paid for it as well. I believe I can balance wanting to make money – it will help with bills such as web hosting – while maintaining my line of balance with my blog. Hopefully this will help out financially. I sure could use it, being disabled and not able to work doesn’t leave much money left at the end of the month. Any how if you are a blogger and are interested in blog advertising you should check into Pay Per Post. There is a link on my sidebar to the right in the widgets you can follow to sign up yourself. But believe me I will not subjugate you to a steady diet of ads with no real meat to the postings.

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