I once again am slow to get back to my blog to post and I try to show reasons why but even with the problems we have been having I still should be more regular in my posting. A big whoop de do over nothing in my opinion has caused a rift in the family. My sister in law and her two grandchildren were living with us  as one family up until just two weeks ago. Now They have moved in with her daughter the mother of the two children and it looks as if things will never be the same any more. I know our eBay business will suffer some as she was unrivaled in her ability to find awesome deals for us to purchase and then resell on eBay. We will carry on and go on without her and the kids but it seems so quiet here without them.

On the eBay front sales are sporadic but still moving forward towards Christmas. I need to make a few changes to what we have listed and make sure everyone knows that express mail is an option if they want to pay the high shipping fees. I have also been looking for a Christmas countdown clock that is up to date so I can insert it into my HTML if they will still let me use one. I have done it before but a lot of water has gone over the dam since then. Every season they make changes so we have to stay on top of things if we want to sell and make a good profit. We are pretty much like regular department stores in that we get into the black during Christmas season. Everything all year long goes mostly back into purchasing more stock to have for this time of the year. I need to get moving again and list some more items for sale as we have some very nice Game Boy Advance SP’s that are nearly impossible to find in like new condition like some of these are. As a matter of fact a few are actually new but they were opened and inspected before being put up making them impossible to list as new but “New Other” is an option. If anyone knows of a good countdown clock that I can use for free please drop me a note. Best wishes for all.


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