I just finished rebuilding my data base adding quite a number of posts that I had removed while trying to repair my website. Some one who shall forever be despised by me hacked into my site. I may be partially to blame by having a weak password cause it was easy to remember. Now I have one that is a little more complex and hopefully will keep the wolves at bay. I have been on a hiatus as google was marking my site as a threat so i figured there was no reason to do anything else to the site except fix it and then wait on them to clear it which took forever for their approval to clear the sites tarnished reputation. I can’t promise to post everyday but I am going to be more often depending on how much my broken down body will let me. I go back to the surgeon tomorrow and see what he says about my new MRI’s. One surgery seemed enough to me but with no relief he may suggest more. I will get back to you on this.

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