I got myself way covered up trying to work out some problems with rss feeds yesterday and never got around to what I had on my mind to speak about. That is the fact that December 7 is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I guess it touches me more having lived there as a young pup and seeing first hand some of the signs of destruction that were still there. Like a pair of battleships with their hulls to the sunshine like beached whales or visiting the Arizona Memorial and reading over the names of the men who perished there. We could even visit Ford Island and see bullet holes in some of the old hangers there. On the anniversary I will query people old enough to remember the day and they always remember what the were doing that day. Like the elder woman a few years ago who told me all about coming home from church and her mother frying chicken for Sunday dinner or my mother in law who remembers vividly going to the movies and walking two miles home the night of the attack. Try it for yourself and see what you learn from our elders. It might surprise you.

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