At what point do we say that we are successful in Iraq? Successful enough? That is the point that Barack Obama tried to pin General Petraeus down to. Hillary Clinton showed how smart she is and how well versed she is in the language and planning of the war and in my opinion John McCain basically said “hurrah, hurrah anything you say general” in his questioning and statements that we should not have any timetable to leave Iraq. Obama showed his intelligence and the thought that had gone into his line of questioning when he tried to pin General Petraeus down as to “what constituted good enough for us to draw down troops”. I really liked his line of questioning. He asked repeatedly without a real answer given?if we had a sloppy status quo with only 30,000 troops would he consider that a success. I myself would feel like that was a huge progression from where we are. Plus we would then have the man power we need in Afghanistan to battle the resurgence of al Qaeda and the Taliban there. We have blown it in my opinion as far as the war on terror goes. before we attacked Iraq there was no problem with al Qaeda there and now there is. The al Qaeda and the Taliban are as strong as ever in Afghanistan and we don’t have the troop levels to contain them all. In 6 years time since 9/11 we have spent less in Afghanistan than we currently spend in Iraq in only 3 weeks. That is absurd.

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