???? Today I was astonished by President Bush at his speech at the New York Economics Club. I listened intently to his speech and actually agreed with one statement about how terrible it is for someone to lose their home to repossession. I used to work for a bank and did exactly that except the homes were mobile homes and not stick built. 90% of the time the ones that lost the homes were long gone so I did not have to see them at all. And during some of the times there was someone still at the home I was able to help them out and allow them to catch up their payments so they could keep their home. I felt best about those times and hated it when we had to pick up homes that people had to move out of as we got there.

??? But I didn’t intend to tell you stories of me repossessing mobile homes. What I was so amazed about was the fact that I agreed with Bush at least once and then at the end of his speech I caught him telling the truth twice in a row. Man that must be some kind of a record. First he stated that we have done a terrible job as far as our energy efforts have been and then after that truth hood he followed that by telling the questioner that he was going to duck the rest of the question. Wow! It was amazing to me that he could tell the truth twice in a row like that. Wouldn’t it be nice if this started some kind of trend and all politicians would start telling the truth instead of telling us what we want to hear then doing just the opposite.

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