??? Despite the outcry of thousands of environmentalists the? Bush/Cheney Administration auctioned off key habitat for endangered polar bears to Big Oil. Mothers and cubs are coming out of their dens to compromised habitat. The influx of men and machines entering an already fragile eco system will wreck havoc upon it. While the climate warms up taking its toll on polar bear habitat, federal officials are selling off the very places these great white bearsdepend on for hunting, denning and survival.

??? Polar bears in America will likely be extinct according to government scientists in 50 years. Yet federal
officials have once again delayed action to protect these struggling animals as
“threatened” under the
Endangered Species Act. Instead of acting to protect these magnificent animals they instead auctioned off millions of acres of vital habitat in Alaska‘s Chukchi Sea to Shell and other Big Oil companies. And once again he has included drilling in the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) in his proposed budget.

??? Increased drilling in these critical habitats could devastate America’s polar bears. But Exxon, Mobil, Shell and other Big Oil companies continue to use their billions in profits to press for harmful drilling in the places polar bears need to survive – and continue our dependence on the fuels that spur rising temperatures that are causing the bears’ demise. Shell bid more than $105 billion for a single tract of drilling acreage in the Chukchi Sea. So as you can see these beautiful bears are quickly becoming between a “rock and a hard place”

??? I’ll try to keep up better than I have in the past few days and let you know when the vote to include ANWR in the budget comes around so you can call your representatives in Congress.

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