The polls opened up here in South Carolina at seven am and will close at seven pm. The democratic primary is on todays agenda. We are looking at three closely matched opponents. Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and John Edwards are the three heavyweights on the card for today. I really like the fact that all three are for universal health care for all citizens. I did not like the way Hillary and Obama bickered and tossed about dirty laundry aimed towards each other, especially at the Myrtle Beach debate earlier this week. I was kinda leaning towards Edwards before the debate and he solidified those feelings by his straight forward answers and his affiliation with the poor and working poor. There are lots of people in the working poor classification. Work all week and work hard and still barely make enough to scrape by. And with the economy the way it is there is very little prospect for it to change for them either.

Even though I could vote for any of these three come November I am hoping that Edwards gets the nod and then he might select one of his opponents as a running mate. I am afraid that there are still too many people with hidden agendas or prejudices who would not vote for Obama or Clinton simply because of color of skin or the fact she is a female. I myself think all three would do a good job and be beneficial for the common citizen and not be in the corporate lobbyist back pockets like the present administration is. I do not see how the country can stand 4 more years like the ones we have had under this Republican administration. For the largest portion of Bush’s tenure he had a fully compliant Republican majority in both houses and could get anything he wanted passed and has acted with impunity since being elected.

The way I look at it, it seems to be a double standard from the republicans who controlled the Congress up until the last election. When we had Clinton tell a little lie about a sexual tryst with a young intern. Something most men would lie about initially, especially if they did not want their wives to find out about it – we had weeks of an impeachment and the hearings on tv dragging out the gory details of the tryst. Yet Bush has stood up and told a couple hundred lies while in office. Now some of them might have been the same lie over again but he did lay it on pretty damn thick to get us into a war we can not win. We are referees in a civil war as it stands. We can not afford to write a blank check for any and all expenditures they can think of for the war and then not have money for simple things the common people need. It is unconscionable.

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