Yesterday was a damp snowy day for the Republican Primary here in South Carolina. Or at least it was snowing here in the upstate. We never got any accumulation of snow but John McCain accumulated enough votes to get 33% of the vote – enough to win the GOP Primary here in SC. Turnout was relativly high for a primary especially considering the inclement weather where people were concerned about getting out on slippery roads to vote. South Carolina’s Democratic Primary is next week. It is kind of confusing to a lot of voters who do not know this and went out expecting to be able to simply select the party then their candidate. I was one of those that did not know the primary was broken up into two seperate days until we had made it to the polling place.
We made it there after going out shopping for some essentials and I was totally worn out. It seems the cold and my arthritis and fibromalgia do not get along very well at all. By the time we finally made it home I was pretty much down for the count so to speak. I was lucky in the fact that a few of the stores had nice benches to sit on while my wife and daughter were gathering up our supplies. I don’t like to leave them alone but when you are whipped physically it is hard to keep up with them. The ride through the snow flurries was rather nice though. Not enough to lay on the roads and make it slick but enough to start showing white in the grasses and woods alongside the roadway. At least it doesn’t hurt much more to drive than it does to ride.
I really enjoyed the time spent with my wife and daughter. Even after 28 years of marriage I still enjoy spending time with her. And our daughter is such a pleasure to spend time with too. I really feel blessed to have the family I do. I know of other people and families that can not say they get along so well and enjoy going places and spending time together so I am very lucky in that respect. Even with our son who we love dearly was not as easy to get along with when he was a teenager. The rebel without a cause syndrome I guess you could have called it. I think boys go through more of a wild stage than girls do or that is how it is with our two children.
Day eleven and counting without a smoke. Each day is a little easier or most of the time it is. I can now see the triggers that got me to light up and remember how many of those times I was simply lighting up, then letting most of it burn up without even a draw on it. There by wasting it which may have been a good thing in the long run.

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