I was raised in a family that always hunted and fished and grew up with a love for nature. We always knew that you can not over hunt any animal or you risk losing them forever. Right now this is going on in the skys over Alaska. They are shooting wolves from airplanes. This is in no way sporting at all, more like shooting fish in a barrel. I feel very strongly against killing of wolves, especially like this where they haven’t a chance. Most of the land is federal lands which, as US citizens make the land all of ours. We have a right, no a duty to speak out against this. And the best way to do so is call your congressman. I know you won’t get through to the actual congressman, or woman but they do listen to what constituents have to say. Especially when they take the time to call in to their office. You can always find out the information on how to contact your legislator by going to the House of Representatives web site and place your zip code into the find your representative search box on the upper left corner. If you won’t call then at least visit their web site and send them a message saying you support the PAW Act (Protect America’s Wildlife Act) H.R. 3663. Some things you can not put a monetary value on and the wild call of the wolf is one of those. Please speak up and be a voice for the saving of the wolf. We destroy so much, must it continue? I called my congressman’s local office yesterday afternoon and had a very pleasant talk with his secretary. She said I was the first to call in about this bill. Please call your congressperson too.

Even more endangered is the red wolf. Red wolves once roamed throughout the southeast, but were driven to extinction by predator control and habitat loss. Twenty years ago, these beautiful canines were reintroduced to the wild, but these rare wolves still struggle toward recovery — fewer than 130 red wolves now survive in the wilds of eastern North Carolina. You can help them survive by adopting a red wolf today. Because red wolves are so exceptionally rare, the loss of just one wolf could be devastating to their recovery prospects.

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