Once again Limbaugh has created a row on his syndicated radio show. This time it appears like it may hurt him where it hurts the most, his pocketbook. His anal views and spiel has reached out and bit him. Recently a Georgetown law student spoke in front of Congress testifying that “birth control is essential to women’s health”. A view that he against the Federal Government providing birth control. After this woman’s brave testimony, he spent the next three days calling her a slut and asking her to give him pornographic videos of herself having sex. Not only was he way out of line with his jargon, he was also showing that he is a pervert for asking a woman only old enough to be his daughter (if not his granddaughter) for anything sexual from this young lady. Our women in congress stood up immediately to Limbaugh’s rhetoric¬† and so far have succeeded in getting 20 key sponsors to drop all their adds from his show. Without add revenues¬† some local stations are dropping his show. This could not happen to a nicer guy. Now I am not against his being able to espouse his views to whomever he pleases. I am also all for people to take action against anyone via boycotts or other peaceful avenues. Now maybe they will silence or at least cut back his hateful and extreme views against anything that helps the general populace and does not help the wealthy.


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