Christmas has past and we rang in the new year last night. I hope each and everyone of you had a great time last night and have a happy and prosperous 2008. I know many have to celebrate with spirits and hope those that did don’t feel too rotten today. I know I have over indulged myself on past near years celebrations. But nothing like that for me no more, doctors orders, with my medications it isn’t a good idea to mix with? alcohol. Its supposed to really intensify the effects . One drink feeling like a half a dozen they say. Which might be a good thing if I still wanted to let the world slip by me as I?partied away. Its not the product itself that is bad but the manner in which you use it.
I haven’t sat down and wrote a list of resolutions as I am not that organized anyhow. Perhaps that would make a good one for the top of the list. That and lose a few pounds as I am getting “too big for my britches” as they used to tell me when i was a youngster. I further resolve that I will try to be more helpful to my fellow man. I have tried to live by that rule all my life as we were taught from early on the blessings of sharing and helping others. Things like giving away a free month of hosting on my file-house hosting service. I hope I can keep that up as it is a great feeling helping others. I am a mentor for the DOUA (Disabled Online Users Association) and am very proud to be a member of such a giving group of people.
Check them out if you want to help people who are trying to help themselves as well as others. It is giving a hand up not a hand out.
I do intend to keep this blog up and running giving you a glimpse of the world going on around you through my eyes and their perspective. I look forward to comments, good or bad, or any other critique that you may have. Thanks to all my visitors for reading and visiting my site. May you be blessed in the years to come.

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