Our so called representative are busy trying to figure out how to keep the Bush tax breaks that had been scheduled to run out are about ready to let the payroll tax break expire. What this means is that if the GOP gets their way the wealthy will receive tax breaks while increasing the tax on the working poor. Many do not know or understand that their is a payroll tax that all employed citizens pay out of every check they receive.   The payroll tax normally was 6.2% of their wages that was matched by their employer for a total of 12.4%. Last year they Congress approved Obama’s request to drop the workers share to 4.2%. Therefor saving millions of dollars. Workers could keep more of what they earn. Obama wants to renew this tax break for at least another year. What is in store though is they extend the Bush tax cuts and let this small break to the employed expire. What this means is the wealth will save money with their tax breaks and the workers will pay more. Sounds kinda screwy to me. Increasing the tax on the poorest in our land while reducing taxes for the wealthy.


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