The debate over the budget has been a heated one with some controversial talks about making Medicare recipients pay more for their medical care. If approved these changes could make healthcare for the disabled and elderly rise by hundred or even thousands a year. It remains unclear if the Republicans who demand that trillions of dollars be cut from the budget will go through this year. It seems that they have forgotten how Bush had pretty much a blank check to run our deficit out of sight when it was in the black during the last few years of the Clinton years. It remains unclear to me how anyone who survives from paycheck to paycheck like most of the working class could be a staunch Republican. It seems like everything is on the table to be cut except the tax breaks for the wealthy that are in place. I have gotten way off track here and voiced opinions that have nothing to do with health care. Except the fact that taking care of the unfortunate health problems is far from their thoughts. Members of Congress and Senators get great medical care for free. I wonder if we were to demand that either we get the same good coverage they get or they get none at all if that would make a difference?

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