Those of you who know me, know that I am a advocate of free open source software and a big fan of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. There is a new security update that you should download and install as soon as possible. Check your version. It should now be If you do not know how to check your version simply go to help on the Firefox tool bar and at the bottom of the drop down menu is “about”. That will tell you the current version you are running. If you don’t run Firefox consider changing from IE. The extra features that can be added with extensions will make you glad you did. Plus you will be safer on the web to boot.

Also Mozilla has rolled out a beta version of its Firefox 3.0 browser. The new version boasts added security and a host of new features – all of which it wants user feedback on while it’s in beta, before the final release. The way Firefox manages browsing history has also been revamped, and memory leakage issues are said to have been fixed.That has been my only gripe I have ever had with Firefox. When left open over several days it will use up a ton of resources. Mozilla hopes to have the final version ready sometime in 2008 – by which time they expect up to a half a million people to be testing the software. It may not be the time for everyone to jump onto the bandwagon as it is in beta still but as I understand it, it seems to be pretty much bug free. I have not made up my mind as to whether I will try out the beta or wait for the final release but if you are interested in trying it the download link is here.

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