We are in the final leg of a long and arduous journey. One that feels much longer than it really was. It is only days away that Obama will be sworn in and Bush will leave the White House forever. What havoc the last 8 years have been for the country. When Clinton left office we had a budget surplus and were on track to be totally debt free by 2009. Well that is shot to hell. We are now so deep in the hole our grandchildren will be paying for our debts years from now. Excitement mounts amongst the country knowing that soon Bush will be a private citizen again and not in charge of anything more than cutting brush at his Crawford home in Texas. Tonight Bush is supposed to be getting time from the networks to tell us all goodbye. Myself I am glad to hear it though I don’t care to hear his track record repeated, especially with his spin on it. For myself I say bye bye Bush, the only thing that could be better than this would be if I could pinch myself awake and it be November 2000 again and Gore had just won the election.

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