The Olympics are in high swing with the U.S. in first place with China close behind in the medal count so far. In the gold count we fall to second behind China who has gone all out for the Olympics. After putting on the greatest opening ceremony ever, they have went on to medal in many events.

Political news is way down with the McCain camp not putting out much other than their misleading commercials. The Obama camp is out to lunch with Obama himself on vacation with his family in Hawaii.

With the price of oil steadily dropping so have the prices at the pump. The national average has fallen to $3.799 much better than the $4 plus prices of last month. Even so I have found a couple of sites that claim to show the lowest prices in your neighborhood. GasBuddy has a map and a zip code search that found no results in my area. Cheap Gas Prices has the states with links then to the counties here in South Carolina then the cities in Greenville county finding the lowest prices around. They could be very helpful especially if you have to travel very much.

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