I totally agree with McCain wanting to drill offshore and I thought it was a good idea even before he flip flopped on the issue. I think it can be done safely. Plus it will eventually help alleviate a bad situation with us importing so much oil. But at the same time I agree with Obama that the time of oil as a primary energy source must come to an end. It is stupid to keep riding a dead horse. There are too many problems with oil to keep using it forever as some seem to think we can do. Anyhow it appears that McCain is going to follow in the footsteps of Bush and let big oil make the decisions for us. As soon as McCain announced that he favors drilling offshore the oil companies lined right up to fill his campaign coffers to the tune of about a million bucks. A Lot of money that insures he is obligated to them the same way Bush has been. Big Oil does not need huge tax credits. They are making obscene amounts of money as it is. We need to invest in the future and alternate energy sources instead of depending on a source that is running out, rising in price, and being imported from people that mostly hate us and use our money against us. Anyhow check out the video and make your own decision.

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