Louisiana recently lost their case in front of the Supreme Court and therefore denied them from executing child rapists. Personally I feel they do not deserve to breath the same air anyone else does and felt that the death penalty was not too harsh in child rape cases. Indeed if there were a worse method of killing them I would be happy to see that done. Give me a rock and I’ll throw the first stone.

Well anyhow apparently the lawyers for the state of Louisiana overlooked a law on the books for the military that calls for the death penalty for child rapists. Their request to reopen the case in front of the Supreme Court is based on the failure of anyone involved in the case – lawyers on both sides as well as the justices – to take account of this law when the case was heard and the decision handed down.

The court almost never reopens a case once ruled upon but the 5-4 decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy relied in part on what Kennedy called a “national consensus” against executing convicted rapists. We do not know if the case will be reopened as it takes five justices, a majority, to?reconsider a ruling.

The ruling in June struck down laws in Louisiana and five other states and spared the lives of two Louisiana men convicted of raping girls 5 and 8. I hope this case is overturned and the death penalty is once again applied to these sicko’s. I feel anyone that sick does not deserve to take another breath and should be killed ASAP.

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