I find myself sitting here trying to find works to type for todays post with no real feelings in me. Just a lost feeling in the pit of my stomach is all.I went to the doctor earlier in the week and he had me come in the next morning after breakfast for lab work. The vampriss was quite good at her job and hit my hard to find veins first time with barely a pin prick to be felt. The doctor himself called me today with the results. He said my sugar was up to 276 and that I am diabetic. I am hoping I skewed the results with my high dosage of sugar for breakfast that morning. I had french toast with lots of syrup and a big glass of orange juice. Both of those can raise your sugar levels but still 276 is really high they say. This is going to be extra tough to handle as I am a sugar addict. It looks as if I am headed for an intervention.

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