It seems like just a few days have passed since we updated our WordPress installation to version 2.5 and we already have an update to version 2.51. That one went off without a hitch and I am wondering about your blog and it’s back ups. Do you use the MySql panel through your web host to back up the data base or have you tried out the WP-DB-Backup plugin? The plug in worked great once it was installed and set up properly. It was supposed to have made a folder in my wp-content folder to write backups to long enough to download to your computer or email it to yourself. It works great but you need to set it up or at least I did. Once installed and activated from the plugins page you can go to Manage then Backup. It then gave me an error with the url to the folder it had not created but needed for it to work. The message will be something like this; blog/wp-content/backup-3bd9e/. What now needs to be done is to open up your ftp and create a new folder in your?wp-content folder. It needs to be named exactly like the name your set up generates. Each installation will generate a unique folder name so be careful writing it down or do it the easy way, copy and paste.
Once we have the new folder created we still are not through quite yet. We need to change the permissions on your new folder. By default it is probably set to 755 and needs to be set to 777 with the CHMOD command. It should be there with the properties in your FTP’s commands. Once that is done you are all set to go.
Go back to Manage, then Backup, then you can select whether to do an instant backup to download to your computer or email to yourself. Or set it to automatically backup your files and email them to yourself at set intervals. The plugin works great and is very easy to use. It just takes a little work to set up the first time. If your ftp client does not allow you to CHMOD files and folders then you can download ?Staff-FTP. It is free and works almost as good as CuteFTP that I use.

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