??? For the second time in three months the House failed to override President Bush‘s veto of a bill that would increase spending on the popular State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). They have already passed a scaled back version and it has been signed into law. But after only missing the override by 13 votes they attempted the override again but this time lost ground and fell 15 votes shy of overriding the veto. The result was pretty much expected, even as override supporters pointed to the slowing economy as another reason to spend another $35 billion on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program over the next five years. Rep. James Clyburn, from here in South Carolina said “Hardworking American families are struggling and in dire need of assistance.” According to White House press secretary Dana Perino “He [Bush] is pleased the House of Representatives voted today to sustain his veto of misguided legislation that would have expanded SCHIP to higher income households while increasing taxes”. Myself I agree with Representative Clyburn and feel they should extend health care to more children. Personally I feel that all Americans should be eligible for health care when they need it. Too many hard working people have pretty much lost every thing when them or their spouse gets sick. Even with health care the co payments can be so high that the sick person can not afford the treatments. It is very easy for members of Congress to sit on their high perch and denounce universal health care as socialism. They have great health care provided by us. They have nothing to worry about if them or someone in their family gets sick as their coverage is fantastic.

??? In other news on the health care issue President Bush is threatening to veto a bill to designed to improve health care on American Indian reservations. The legislation would boost screening and mental health programs at the Indian Health Service, increase tribal access to Medicare and Medicaid and prompt new construction and modernization of health clinics on reservations. The Senate began consideration of the legislation Tuesday. Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., said the bill is a first step in addressing the “crisis” in American Indian health care. The system is underfunded and inefficient, he said.

??? Pretty much business as usual from the Bush camp. No expense is spared for the war mongers and their cronies who are making money off the blood of others. But when it comes to spending some money on health care for those who really need it or a similar issue we can not afford it. It seems to me to be a double standard. Where is the compassion for our fellow man. Hopefully this election sees a change from top to bottom of our elected officials. My advise to you if you feel like I do on this issue is to register and vote for candidates who feel like you do on this issue.

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