Yesterday was a big day for the United States. Unless you are totally deprived of communication then you already know that yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. I am sure that everyone of you who are old enough to remember that day will also remember exactly what they were doing and where they were. I myself was on I-26 heading east for Orangeburg  South Carolina to do a little service job on a office trailer. I was able to work some then but even then my capabilities were diminished. Most of my working years were spent behind a steering wheel heading to one job or another. That or driving the truck that delivered and picked up the trailer. It was hard work but enjoyable at the same time. It  made me feel proud when some big muscle bound man tried to work for us and could not handle the hard work. It has been pointed out to me that part of my troubles stemmed from abusing my body. Maybe, maybe not. I always called the shots either running a crew for someone else or running my own business. That gave me the privilege of bringing my son to work for me. To me some of my best memories stem from him and I on the road together. Then by time he was in his teens he knew more than half the men did about setting up trailers. But I have rambled on and gotten off of track. I was listening in on the radio as we put the miles behind us. I stopped at a truck stop to get fuel and watched the second plane hit the World Trade Tower and just knew it was a goner. It so happened that my son wasn’t with me but a friend was instead. We discussed it on our way to the job and followed closely on the radio. I told him then that we were under attack and were going to war. Before the smoke had cleared good we had troops on the ground in Afghanistan. Before too long we had Al Qaeda on the ropes. Then just when I thought they were going to wipe them all out we took our eye off the prize. Instead of keeping the pressure on we dropped the ball so to speak and went off on a tangent. We up and attacked Iraq. Its hard to win a war with two fronts. Especially when they were no threat to us in anyway. Now we are floundering on two fronts despite all the hard and valiant work of our military. But there I go off on another tangent. We finished that job in record time, called off other service work for that day and hurried home. The few minutes watching the boob tube in the truckers lounge were not enough. I rushed home and was mesmerized by the images on the television. I watched and re-watched as the towers crumbled and fell. I thought of when I was a teen and my first weekend pass my cohorts and I went to New York city. We did all the tourist things while we weren’t busy at the bar. I thought of our trip to the top of one of the towers. I can not remember which one of the two it was but I remember feeling like I was on top of the world. I have other memories from that trip to the city that I remember well but will not share them as they are not G-Rated.  I thought of our trip and thought how no one would ever stand on top of them again. Ever again. I was furious that someone would attack us on our shores. Last time we were attacked on our shores it was Pearl Harbor and it got us into a war we did not ask for same as the crumbling of the towers did that day. Well as it stands now we are ten years into a war that seems to have no end in site.  That war ended to much jubilation on 14th of August 1945. If something is not done we will be at war until I am planted deep into the ground. I hope not though. I dread the thought of our losing even one more soldier to this war that never ends. We have came a long way since 9-11 we have surrendered part of our rights and freedoms in the name of this war. So much crumbled along with the towers. We saw the images of the past as we remembered the tenth anniversary. Let us we never forget the past. Lest we be doomed to repeat it.

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