I notice in todays newspaper that the tobacco companies have lost their appeal to retain the ability to brand cigarettes as “light” or “mild”. It seems the government thinks they are fooling people into thinking that those cigarettes are somehow safer than others. I think anyone with a brain in their head knows that no matter what you call it a cigarette is bad for you. You may know that it is a little over 16 months ago that I laid down my last smoke and have not touched one again. I didn’t set out to quit but I simply wanted to see how long I could hold out and I have made it a little over 16 months. I still have a pack of Pall Mall’s just in case I decide to smoke but I am not craving any smokes. I quit but feel strongly for smokers rights and feel that the tobacco companies ca call their cigs mild or light if they want to. I would not smoke a cigarette with a filter and would jokingly remark that it was the filter that caused you problems even though I know I was as full of shit as a Christmas turkey. I feel that smokers who smoke low tar cigs are deluding themselves in the same way. In the back of their mind they know they are doing something dangerous. Anyhow thats my look on it, while the appeals go on.

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