Yesterday was a historic day with Obama winning the election so handily. I myself even though I was voting for him still held a secret fear that hidden prejudices would rear their ugly head and him not get the votes that everyone expected. I am so happy and proud that we as a nation rose above that and chose the candidate by the content of his heart rather than the color of his skin. We have came so far since I was a kid where I was made fun of and called names for even having a black friend. And it wasn’t just whites that openly showed their prejudices it was black also. I never dreamed we would come so far in my lifetime. But we have and it speaks volumes for us, the American people. Now we can count down the days until Bush, who has ran this country to the ground, leaves office and is replaced by Obama. ?I couldn’t stay awake last night and fell asleep not long after Ohio was placed in his column but woke back up around 11:30 to see they had called the election in his favor. It is very difficult for me with all the meds I have to take everyday to stay up late anymore. This is a complete turnaround from me in my younger days. I used to go weeks at a time with very little sleep but no longer. I can’t even make it through the day without a nap much less stay up all night. Anyhow we have a brighter prospect in the White House and Congress to look forward to. Lets hope they live up to our expectations.

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