The last presidential debate is over and the candidates are steady feeding us a diet of bullshit. Both stretch the truth when it comes to the other ones record. I hate to out and out call either one a liar as that is a little harsh. Stretching or bending the truth will have to do in this instance. We are down to the home stretch and it looks like Obama has a slight lead in the polls which may or may not mean anything at all. Unless something happens to change my mind in the few days we have left I will be voting for Obama on November 4th. I have always liked McCain but am afraid his policies are still too close to Bush’s to suit me. I know he plainly told Obama that if he wanted to run against Bush he should have ran 4 years ago but 9 times out of 10 he has sided with Bush and I wouldn’t trust him to do anything right or tell us the truth either. Thank goodness he is leaving anyway it goes. One of my biggest concerns after McCain being tied to closely to Bush is his choice of running mates. I do not think she has the experience to be vice president and heaven forbid president. Plus there is the issue of her abusing power when she was mayor and then governor. Then the fact that her husband was behind the scenes meddling also. Would we end up with her husband pulling strings with officials like he did in Alaska? That is something I don’t really want to find out it will be much better if there is not even the chance for her to abuse power and let her husband use her office for his own vendettas.

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