The voters spoke loud and clear here in South Carolina yesterday. It was Barak Obama winning by a very convincing margin 55% to Obama, 27% to Clinton and 18% to Edwards. Obama carried every county in the state except two. One of which was won by Clinton and the other one was carried by Edwards. Obama was expected to do well with black voters and he did that and more. He also carried predominantly white districts also. Some of these districts had 8% or less voters registered that were non white and he still won these by a wide margin. I am very proud of my home state and their non prejudiced voting. I must admit I was semi prejudiced in voting for Edwards as he was born in South Carolina. As for the issue of color – the only color that ever mattered to me was green – I am all about making money, and do not care about the color of your skin.

This huge margin of victory may very well carry over into victories on the 5th of February when there will be 24 states having primaries. Two states are Republican only primaries with three states holding only Democratic primaries. In a little over a week we will know, or have a good idea who will most likely come out on top heading into the conventions. I am sure Hillary will not back off yet nor will Edwards but this does put them both at a disadvantage right now.

super tuesday states

You can listen to Senator Barak Obama‘s Victory Speech below.


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