World hunger it’s a terrible thing, we hear about it all the time through commercials begging for your donations or occasionally the news will carry a little spot about a certain area that people are starving in. The images of it will break your heart if you have one. Myself I wish I were in a position to donate to each and every one of them to try and help these people. But my finances prevent me from helping others as much as I would like to. I am sure there are plenty of other people out there that feel the same way. What can I do, as I am struggling from pay check to pay check is what most families would tell you.
Well I have found a way for you and I to help prevent hunger and it won’t cost you a dime. There is no sign up and you don’t even have to get out of your chair. Plus it will help you with your vocabulary. You can donate rice to United Nations World Food Program by a word game. The concept is so simple. You are presented with a word and 4 possible definitions. Select the correct definition and you have just donated 20 grains of rice. I know that doesn’t sound like much but the more people play it adds up. FreeRice automatically adjusts to your level of vocabulary. It starts by giving you words at different levels of difficulty and then, based on how you do, assigns you an approximate starting level. You then determine a more exact level for yourself as you play. When you get a word wrong, you go to an easier level. When you get three words in a row right, you go to a harder level. This one-to-three ratio is best for keeping you at the ?outer fringe? of your vocabulary, where learning can take place.

Since October 7, 2007 over 11,603,687,650 grains of rice have been donated. Yes, that’s 11.6 billion grains of rice. I don’t know how many pounds that equals but it has to be a lot. Think about it, this is such a great idea. You get educated and help feed the hungry at the same time. All it takes to help donate rice to people who truly need it is to spend a little time on the FreeRice site and see how good your vocabulary is. I have the site bookmarked and visit it every chance I get when I am not busy doing something else. I am imploring you to share the link to this post, or just the FreeRice link with all of your friends and family. It may not be enough but it is a great start. I would also suggest you check out their sponsors if you can as without them this would not be possible.

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