With election day fast approaching and thousands of early voters standing in lines for hours in some states it looks like we are going to have a record turnout at the polls this year. I hope we do not have any problems with voting machines like is being reported in at least two counties in West Virginia. According to the Charleston Gazette three Putnam county voters claim the touch screen voter machine changed their ballots from Obama to McCain. They also had three voters making the same claim in Jackson county. In both counties Republicans are overseeing the elections. They claim this is an isolated incident and that the voters themselves were responsible by not being more careful. Myself I hope they are correct and this is an isolated incident as we do not need anyone to feel like the vote count is not correct. I used a quote attributed to Joseph Stalin as the title to a recent post as it fits so aptly, Those Who Cast The Votes Decide Nothing. Those Who Count The Votes Decide Everything.

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