They just don’t get it. Our so called leaders are more concerned with letting their cronies make millions of dollars while the environment be damned. This year is shaping up to be the eighth warmest year ever in the United States and the fifth over all warmest on the planet or at least since they started keeping records in the 1800′s. In the United States, the months of March and August were the second warmest in more than 100 years. Only February and April were cooler than average. View the report by NOAA. The complete data will not be released until spring.
The past year was particularly rough in the Southeast and West, which experienced serious drought conditions. More than three-quarters of the Southeast was in drought from midsummer into December. I live in the north western corner of South Carolina and it is so dry here. We have had very few rains this year mostly we get a light rain that is quickly evaporated leaving us as dry and dusty as before. It is sad to watch dust coming up from the rain drops and not enough rain falling to stop it entirely. And with the dryness comes wild fires. South Georgia had fires of such intensity that we had the smoke hanging over us for days. And it is not just the east. The Southwest faced its share of drought and wildfires too. I feel for all those that lost homes due to the fires.
We are doing nothing to try and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere and sticking our proverbial heads into the sand isn’t going to help either. The EPA
( Environmental Protection Agency) is charged with protecting our air for us and even after a court order they are dragging their collective feet on this matter. The office of the white house says it needs more study. That it is a natural phenomenon. Any thing to put off us facing responsibility for our waste being put into the air. And for what reason are they doing this? It can’t be for the general good of all the people in this nation or we would already be acting upon it. The reason must be something not necessarily good for all of the people but only some of the people, the few, the cronies of our president and those in his office.
So speak out whenever you can. Watch my blog for updates on legislation that we may need to speak to our legislators about sponsoring or voting for.

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