A new book by Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan paints a a far different story on our going to war with Iraq than he told us when he was the Press Secretary. At that time he made us think that Iraq was ready to attack us and or our allies in the region and possessors of weapons of mass destruction. Of course the former singers of praise for him and his job are now denouncing him. Those of us who have believed for years that we were lied to and taken to war for no good reason readily believe him. Those who love Bush and think he is being maligned by the very low poll ratings on his job performance will of course deny that he (McClellan) is telling the truth. I myself believe him and think that the failed policy in Iraq was a serious mistake on our part. The book also denounces the poor performance after Katrina saying that for the first week the White House was in a state of denial. I do not Know if Bush is a bungler who stumbles from one mistake to another, a well meaning and competent leader who has simply been thwarted at every turn, or a evil genius who doesn’t care about the common man as long as him and his cronies continue to make a buck. Perhaps even a mix of the above. Anyway you go it still means we (common Americans) lose.

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