Its springtime and a young mans fancy is supposed to turn to the women. I guess I am not young anymore as mine has turned to gardening and making the yard look nicer with new plantings and rearranging previous plantings. I have been very slack on the vegetable garden and haven’t planted yet as I have been having a lot of bad days or too worn out from the little bit it takes to plant a few flowers. It takes very little in the way of digging to have me huffing and puffing in pain and even less if I am bending over to pull weeds. Lucky I have help from my sister in law. She is amazing in the yard with her flowers. There is always something blooming from early spring until the end of summer here in the yard. Its a lot of work but it is worth it when you look back and see the fruits of your labor. All of us can have a little bit of mother earth surrounding us even if you do not have a yard as large as ours. Even a small house plant can be the tonic you need to feel closer to nature. I would urge everyone to try raising something you would be surprised at the satisfaction you will receive when something you have tended to with your own hands blooms or brings forth fruit.

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